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How to Register Candidates on Kaushal Bharat Portal

Before register candidates on Kaushal Bharat, you need to register candidate on Kaushal Panjee. If you don’t know how to register candidates on Kaushal Panjee, click on the link below How to Register Candidates...


How to register Candidate on Kaushal Pragati portal

Before register a candidate on Kaushal Pragati portal you have to register candidates on Kaushal Panjee. The Application ID or Kaushal Panjee ID is required to register any candidate on the Kaushal Pragati Portal....


How to Create Users in Kaushal Bharat

In Kaushal Bharat you have to create users for deferent operations. 4 main users are required for any work in kaushal bharat portal. First Finance Team user, Second Operations Team user and Third Q-Team...