What is PIP (Participatory Identification of Poor) and How to make PIP

What is PIP?

The Participatory Identification of Poor (PIP) is a process where rural community identifies the poor and most vulnerable households from its population. All households identified as poor through the PIP process is the NRLM Target Group and is eligible for all the benefits under the programme. The list of poor identified through the PIP must be vetted by the Gram Sabha and approved by the Gram Panchayat. All the households in the PIP list are eligible to receive all benefits under NRLM.

How to make PIP(Participatory Identification of Poor)?

To make a PIP, candidate have to fill a PIP form, and then he has to take sign by Gram Vikas Adhikari or Secretory of a Panchayat on it. You can download the form by click on the link given below.

PIP (Participatory Identification of Poor) Form in Hindi

PIP (Participatory Identification of Poor) Form in English

Print the form and give it to the candidate.

Candidate have to go to a Gram Sabha and then he/she has to take the signature of Gram Vikas Adhikari or Secretory of the Gram Panchayat on the form.

The Gram Vikas Adhikari or Secretory will put a “Prastaav” in the Gram Sabha. He/She will write down the “Prastaav” and speak in front of all the members. Name of the Candidate with Father name will be written in the Prastaav. All the members of Gram Sabha will pass the “Prastaav” with no objection. The copy of the Prastaav (1st page of the Gram Sabha register and the page where “Prastaav” is written.) will be attached with the signed PIP Form.

All those 3 Pages must be there in PIP. PIP is incomplete without Prastaav.

Here is an example of PIP.

If you have any question related to the PIP, you can ask in the comment section.

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  1. June 14, 2021

    […] If the candidate didn’t fulfil any of the above criteria, then the candidate have to make a PIP(Participatory Identification of Poor). Click on link to know the detail about the PIP and how to make it. What is PIP (Participatory Identification of Poor) and How to make PIP. […]

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