How to create users (Agency Maker and Agency Checker) in PFMS

In PFMS, if you want to create a beneficiary or vendor, initiate the payment to beneficiary or vendor, you need an Agency Maker account. After initiate the payment to the beneficiary or vendor, you have to check and verify the payment for confirmation and for that you need an Agency Checker Account. So here is the process to create an Agency Maker and Agency Checker Account.

To create an Agency Maker and Agency Checker, you have to log in with the Agency Admin account.

Step 1: Log in to PFMS with Agency Admin User ID and Password. Go to Masters and then Users and click on Add New.

Agency Maker in PFMS

Step 2: You will find a form of registration. There are three types of user you can create, Agency Data Administrator (Agency Admin), Agency Data Approver (Agency Checker) and Agency Data Operator (Agency Maker). Click on the link below to know the functionalities of these users.

Who are Agency Data Administrator, Agency Data Approver and Agency Data Operator in PFMS and their functionalities?

Agency Checker in PFMS

Step 3: Select the user type from the drop-down. Select Agency Data Operator for Agency Maker.

User Creation in PFMS

Select Agency Data Approver for Agency Checker.

Step 4: Fill all the details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Login ID and click on Submit.

After submit, you will get a message of confirmation “Record saved successfully, your password has be sent on your email address”.

Check your email address. You will receive a password. Log in with the user ID and password, and you will be asked to change the password. You can set any password you want and then click on submit. Log in again with User ID and new password, and done.

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