EPayment option is not available? Here is how you can activate the e-payment option in PFMS

Maybe the EPayment Using PrintAdvise or EPayment Using DigitalSignature option is not available while creating expenditure. This is because you have not activated the option of EPayment Using PrintAdvise or EPayment Using DigitalSignature. Here is the process to activate these options in PFMS.

Step 1: Log in to PFMS using Agency Admin account. Go to Bank and click on Account Activation Epayment.

Step 2: Click on Select Scheme.

Step 3: Type “DDU” and click on Search.

Step 4: Find the Scheme Code of your State and click on it. If you don’t know the scheme code of your state, click on the below link to find the state scheme code.

List of DDUGKY State wise Agency Unique Code for SNA Account Linking on PFMS

Step 5: Now enter the Account Number (SNA Account Number) and click on search.

Step 6: You will get your bank details here. In the last tab there is an option of Account Activation Type. From the dropdown, select the type of e-payment from EPaymentUsingPrintAdvise, EPaymentUsingDigitalSignature and EPaymentUsingInternetBanking.

Step 7: After selecting the Account Activation Type, click on Submit.

Step 8: When a pop-up comes up of “I confirm that correct Account has been enabled?”, click on OK.

Step 9: Now You will get a message Record saved successfully. Your request is submitted. Now the status if “pending for Activation Approval”. This activation will be approved automatically within 24hrs.

Step 10: The status will be “Activated” After successfully activation. Now you can make the payment using EPaymentUsingPrintAdvise or EPaymentUsingDigitalSignature.

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