How to View and Download Attendance Report on SSO Portal

On SSO portal you have an option to view and download the attendance report. Let’s check how can to do this.

Step 1: Log In to SSO portal with your attendance Username and Password.

Step 2: Click on “REP” option available on the left side menu. In “REP” you will find an option of attendance.

Step 3: Here you will find 6 different options. So which option you have to select. It depends on which type of report you want. So here are the details of all those options available there. Choose one of them as per your need. You just have to select an option from the list, enter the parameters and then click on “Go”.

  1. Batch Attendance Detail Report: Here you will find the detail report of a batch with the list of all candidates, All Date wise In Time and Out Time, No. of hours.

2. Center Head Attendance Detail Report: Here you can find the detail report of attendance with name of center head, Attendance date, in-time, out-time and no of hours.

3. Batch Attendance Summary: In this option you can see the total number of attendance days in which the candidate was present.

4. Attendance Daily Report: Here you can find the total number of candidate present and absent on the particular date.

5. Batch Attendance Report: Here you can find the In-Time and Out-Time of all candidates on a particular date.

Step 4: If you want to print this attendance report, on the top right side you have an option to print.

Step 5: If you want to download the report in Word or Excel format, click on the task button available in the top right corner.

If you have any queries you can ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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