How to UnMap/UnAssign an Aspirant/Candidate from the Batch on SSO RSLDC(MIS) Portal

If the batch is not freezed yet, you can UnMap a candidate from the batch and Map another candidate to the batch. Batch freezing date is 10 days from the Batch Start Date. After 10 days of batch start date, you can not Map or UnMap Candidates. If the batch is not freezed yet, here is the process to UnMap Candidates.

Step 1: Log in with TP ID. You can UnMap the candidate only from TP Login. Go to RM and click on Unmap Aspirants.

Step 2: Click on Show Parameter. Select SDC’s Code, Batch Code, Course Name. Click on Go.

Step 3: Find the candidate to UnMap and click on UnMap.

Step 4: Enter the Remark and click on Submit.


The candidate is successfully UnMapped from the Batch. You can map another candidate to the batch.

If you have any query, ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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