How to create a Batch on SSO RSLDC Portal

Step 1: To create a batch on RSLDC SSO Portal, log in with your TP ID or Main ID. Go to RM–> Batches and click on Create Batch.

Step 2: Now click on Create Batch.

Step 3: A Batch Creation Form will appear. You have to fill the form. In the form there are some details you have to fill like Batch Details, Faculty Details, Hostel Details.

Step 4: In the Batch Details, select Sector and Course. If the batch is residential, select Yes in Residential Course, otherwise select No. Choose Batch Start Date, Batch Start Time and End Time. Enter Batch Strength. Select DM in Mark To. Select the name of your District skill coordinator from the dropdown in Mark To User.

Step 5: In Faculty Detail, select the Trainer from the dropdown. To add more trainers, click on the “+” sign.

Step 6: Select all the Faculty one by one. In Faculty detail you have to add at least one Domain Trainer, One IT Trainer and One English and Soft Skill Trainer.

Step 7: Select the Hostel from the list for Residential Batch. If the Batch is Mixed-Gender, then select both the hostel(Girls and Boys).

Step 8: In the Upload Documents, write name of the Faculty and upload the documents of the Faculty. You have to upload a PDF File contains Appointment Letter, SF 5.1E2, Mark sheets, Experience letter and ID. The file should not be more than 5 MB in size.

Step 9: Once you fill all the details and upload the documents, click on Submit.

Done…. The Batch is Created successfully.

If you have any query, ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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