Vendor Registration on Kaushal Pragati (MPR)

When you want to pay someone for purchasing something or for service, you have to create a vendor on Kaushal Pragati for Accounts Entry. Here is the process of registering vendor on Kaushal Pragati.

Step 1: Log in to MPR (Kaushal Pragati). Go to Finance and then click on Vendor Registration.

Step 2: Here you can search if the vendor is already register or not by type the name of the vendor on search box. If the Vendor is not registered, click on Add New.

Step 3: You will get the Vendor Registration Page.

Step 4: In Vendor For, choose type of the vendor.

Step 5: Fill all the details of Vendor. You have to enter one of the detail from GST No, PAN No, TIN No or TAN No.

Step 6: After filling all the details, click on Save button. A Pop-up will appear with a message “Are you sure you want to save.”, click on OK Button.

The Vendor is registered successfully. You can search the vendor from the list.

If you have any query, ask in the comment section.

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