How to Update Placement Details of a Candidate on Kaushal Pragati Portal

When the candidate completed the training and he/she got placed you have to update the placement data of the candidate on Kaushal Pragati (MPR) every month. You need a few documents to be scanned related to placement of the candidate, here is the list.

  1. Appointment Letter / Joining Letter
  2. Salary Slip issued by HR
  3. If the company not provides salary slip, then you need to get the “SF 7.1D Joint Salary Certificate Issued by the Employer and the Candidate in Organizations where Salary Slip is not issued.”, Printed on the Letter head of the organization with seal and signature. You can download the format of SF 7.1D from the link SF 7.1D Joint Salary Certificate Issued by the Employer and the Candidate in Organizations where Salary Slip is not issued.
  4. Bank Statement Showing Salary Credit

All the scanned documents should be in PDF or JPG format.

If you have all these scanned documents, then you can update the placement details of the candidate on MPR (Kaushal Pragati Portal).

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Pragati (MPR) Portal. Click on Batch Management and then click on Candidate Placement.

Step 2: Select your Project ID and then your Training Center ID.

Step 3: Here you will get the list of all candidates who completed training. Find the candidate from the list whose placement data you want to update. You can search the candidates name in the search box.

Step 4: Once you found the candidate, click on Add Detail.

Step 5: It will show a Pop-up window, Click on Add Row. You have to add rows for every month. If the candidate worked for 5 months you have to add 5 rows (One row for one month).

Step 6: Now you have to add the details of placement for every month separately. In the first row you can see the option to choose date (From Date, To Date and Offer Date). In “From Date” select the Joining Date of the candidate and in “To Date” Select the end date of the month. For Example, If the candidate joined the job on 5 of January 2019, Select 05-01-2019 in “From Date” and select 31-01-2019 in “To Date”. Also select 05-01-2019 in Offer Date.

Step 7: Now you have to select the Employer from the list. Click on select employer and then search the employer from the list and click on the Employer Name.

Note: If the Employer in not in the list, then you have to add the employer. If you don’t know hot to add new employer in the list click on the link below

How to add new Employer on Kaushal Pragati (MPR) Portal.

Once you add the new employer, you will find the employer in the list. Select the Employer.

Step 8: Now in CTC (Monthly Salary) you have to enter the CTC Salary of that month mentioned in the Salary Slip.

Step 9: Now you have to select Place of Posting of the Candidate. Select the State, District and City in which the candidate is placed.

There will be only two options for city, The state skill headquarter and Other. If the candidate is placed in the State Skill Headquarter, select the city otherwise select Other option.

Step 10: Now you have to enter all the deductions from the salary mentioned in the salary slip like ESIC, PF, Food, Travel, Accommodation and other deduction if any deductions are there in the salary slip.

The Total Deductions and the Net CTC will be automatically calculated by the system.

Step 11: Now you have to enter the total number of days candidate was absent on that month. If the candidate joined the job in the middle of the month, the previous days will also be considered as absent. For example, If the candidate joined the job on 5th of January, and he has taken leave for 2 days in that month, then his total leave for that month will be 6.

Step 12: Now enter the Designation of the candidate in the organization.

Step 13: Now you have to select the Sector and Trade of the candidate in which the candidate trained from your training center.

Step 14: Now click on the save button to save the details.

Step 15: Once you save the details you have to upload the documents. So click on Upload button.

Step 16: A pop-up will appears. Here you have to select the related files by clicking Choose files.

Here you have to upload only one document from Offer Letter and Joining Letter whichever document you have.

If you have salary slip of candidate, then upload it in “Salary slip issued by HR”. If not, then upload SF 7.1D in “Certificate indicating Salary Paid and…….”.

Upload Bank statement in “Bank statement showing Salary Credit”.

All the documents must be in PDF or JPG format.

Once you upload all the documents click on Upload button.


Step 17: It will redirect you to the Candidate list page. Again find the candidate and then click on Update detail.

Step 18: Now click on New Row. You have to follow same procedure for all the months.


The placement data of the candidate is successfully updated on Kaushal Pragati (MPR) Portal. You have to follow same procedure for all the candidates who placed.

If you have any question related to this, you can ask in the comment section.

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