How to Make Entries of Loans Taken by PIA’s for Project on Kaushal Pragati (MPR) Portal

For every transaction made by PIA on Project, PIA have to make entry of the transaction on Kaushal Pragati Portal. If your fund is exhausted and to run project, you are taking loan, then you have to make entry of the loan on Kaushal Pragati (MPR) Portal. So here is the process of make entry of loan received by the PIA.

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Pragati Portal. Go to Finance and click on Receipt.

Step 2: Click on Add New Button available at the right top corner.

Step 3: Select Financial Year and Receipt Type. In Receipt Type, select Loans.

Step 4: Select Project Name.

Step 5: Enter the Name of the Lending Agency (The agency from which you are taking the loan). Select Transaction Date, Instrument Type (Cheque, DD or NEFT). Enter Instrument Number (Cheque Number, DD Number or NEFT Transaction Reference Number). Enter Loan Amount.

Step 6: Upload the proof of transaction. You can upload copy of Cheque, copy of DD or Bank Statement in case of NEFT. Now select the Reason of Loan.

Step 7: Click on save button to submit the details of loan.


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