How to create Assessment for the batch on Kaushal Pragati (Skill India Portal)

In DDUGKY it is the most important thing to conduct assessment for the batch after completion of training. In this tutorial I will show you how you can send your batch for assessment in kaushal pragati portal. There are a four-step process to conduct assessment via kaushal pragati portal.

Step 1: Create a batch on Kaushal Bharat portal and assign candidates to the batch. Once your batch is completed, and you mark the batch completed on Kaushal Bharat, it will be sync automatically to Kaushal Pragati Portal. After synchronization done successfully, and you are able to see your batch on Kaushal Pragati, you can go for assessment now. Follow the link below to complete these steps

  1. Create a Batch on Kaushal Bharat.
  2. Register Candidates on Kaushal Bharat.
  3. Authorize Candidates on Kaushal Bharat.
  4. Assign Candidates to the Batch on Kaushal Bharat.
  5. Change the Batch Start and End Date on Kaushal Bharat.
  6. Mark Batch Completed.

Step 2: Send Batch for assessment.

Step 3: Send a mail to respective Assessment and Certification Department with an Excel file attachment in which the detail of the batch should be filled.

Step 4: Payment of assessment fee.

So let’s start.

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Pragati portal.

Step 2: After successfully login you will find batch management on the left side of the page, click on Batch Management.

Step 3: In Batch management you can see “Batch Assessment-Skill India Portal” at bottom of the list, click on that.

Step 4: In the page select you Project ID & then Training Center ID. Here you can find the list of you running batches.

Step 5: Click on Edit button available on the right side of the batch row which assessment you want to conduct. If your batch is not showing in the list then it may be due to not verified the batch from SRLM. Kindly Create a batch, assign candidates and sent it for the verification from SRLM. After the verified from the SRLM you will find the batch in the list.

Step 6: Here you can see the detail for batch and list of candidates. Now select proposed assessment start date and assessment end date.

Step 7: Now go the bottom of the page where you will find the button of “Send For Assessment”, click on that button.

Your batch is now sent for the assessment. After some time you will see the SDMS Batch ID in the list of batches in “Batch Assessment-Skill India Portal” page. This ID is important so until the ID is not generated you can not go for the next step. If the ID is not generated just wait.
After generated of the SDMS Batch ID here is the next step.

Step 8: Kindly note down the SDMS Batch ID. The next step is to send an E-Mail to your respective state Assessment and Certification department along with respective ZC, your District Skill Coordinator and STL. In this mail you have to attach an Excel file. To download the Excel file click on the below link

Step 9: Open the Excel file and fill all the detail required in the Excel for all the batches which assessment you want to conduct.

  1. Type of Assessment: Fresh or Reassessment whatever the type, fill.
  2. Scheme Name: DDUGKY/PMKVY, fill the name with project scheme.
  3. TP Name: Fill the name with training partner.
  4. District: Name of district where your training center is running.
  5. MIS Batch Code: Type the batch code from the MIS portal.
  6. MPR Batch Code: Type the batch code from the kaushal pragati portal.
  7. SDMS Batch Code: Type the SDMS Batch code generated by Batch Assessment-Skill India Portal after submitted the batch for assessment. (Find in Step 7)
  8. Sector Name: Type sector name in which the candidate completed the training.
  9. Course Type: Type SSC or MES whichever type the trade belongs to.
  10. Course Name: Name of the trade in which the candidate trained.
  11. Course Code: Type the code of the course.
  12. Batch Start Date and Batch End Date:
  13. Proposed Assessment Date: Type the assessment date which you have mentioned in the Batch Assessment request at the Batch Assessment-Skill India Portal.
  14. Assessment Date Finalized by SSC (To be provided by SSC): Leave blank.
  15. Number of trainees enrolled: Batch Capacity
  16. Number of trainees Drop-Out: Number of drop-out candidates.
  17. Numbers of Candidates Eligible for Assessment: Number of candidate who had completed the training.
  18. SPOC Person Name: Name of Center Head or Project Head.
  19. SPOC Contact Detail: Contact Details of Center Head or Project Head.
  20. SPOC Email ID: Email ID of Center Head or Project Head.

After fill all the details save the Excel file.

Step 10: Compose an E-Mail, Attach the Excel file and send it to the State Assessment and Certification Department, in CC put ZC, DSC and STL.

Step 11: Now the State Assessment and Certification Department will generate the payment receipt. Make the payment.

Step 12: After successfully payment, you will get a confirmation mail from the assessment agency with finalized assessment date and detail of assessor.

It’s Done…..

If you have any query let me know in the comment senction.

Thank You.

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