How to create a batch on Kaushal Pragati Portal

Before creating the batch you have to register at least one candidate on kaushal pragati portal. If you don’t know how to register candidates on kaushal pragati click on the below link

How to register candidates on Kaushal Pragati Portal

After creating the batch you can remove or add candidates in the batch. After created the batch and add all the candidates in the batch you have to send the batch for the approval from SRLM. Kindly note that once you sent the batch for approval and the batch is approved by the SRLM you can not modify the data. So please check the data before submitting the data to SRLM for approval.

So lets start how to create a batch on kaushal pragati.

Step 1: Login to Kaushal Pragati Portal. On the left side menu click on “Batch Management” and then “Batch Creation”.

Here you will find the list of all the created batches.

Step 2: Now click on “Add New” button available at the right top corner.

Step 3: A Batch Creation page will be open.

Step 4: Select Project ID, Training Center ID, Sector and Trade. Also fill the other details like Batch Start Date, Batch Duration, Batch Freeze Date, OJT Start Date, Batch Type(Residential/Non-Residential). After fill all the detail click on “Add Candidate”.

Step 5: Select all the candidates you want to assign in the batch. You have to select at least one candidate to create the batch. If you have not selected any candidate then you can not create the batch. Don’t worry, you can add or delete candidates from the list before submitting it to approval from SRLM.

Once you selected all the candidates click on “Add Selected Candidates Into Batch”.

Step 6: Now you have to select the date of enrolment for all the candidates. After select date of enrolment of all candidates click on “Save”.

The batch is created successfully.

Step 7: If you want to modify the batch by Add or Remove candidates from the batch just click on Edit button available in the last column of every batch.

Step 8: From here you can Add or Remove Candidate and then Save it again.

If you have any queries related to the creation of batch then ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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6 Responses

  1. Vikas Tripathi says:

    My project ID is not coming in dropdown list while i am creating batch.

  2. Ajay says:

    We are unable to create batch in the portal it shows MES before September 2019

    • Admin says:

      Dear Training Partner
      As per notification from ddugky the MES Courses are closed. So you can not create a batch with any of the MES course. You have to create the batch with your SSC course. If you have not changed your course from MES or NCVT to SSC, kindly change it first then try to create a batch again with the SSC course. If you have already changed it and still you are unable to create batch then write us in the contact us.

      • Ajay says:

        How to change course MES to SSC

        • Admin says:

          Dear Training Partner,
          To change your course from MES to SSC, you have to write a request letter to your respective ZC or General Manager of your State SRLM. You have to choose a SSC course and send it to the SRLM. SRLM will approve your request for course change and then generate a new sanction order with updated course details. So kindly contact your SRLM Team (ZC Zonal Coordinator).

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