Solved: “Please enter a valid number” in eSoP Certificate Number on Kaushal Bharat

Getting error in entering eSoP Certificate Number while HR Profile Registration or updating eSoP certificate number in HR Profiles Update Fields? Here is the reason and the solution.

Reason: In eSoP Number field, Kaushal Bharat only accepts numeric digits or numbers. So if you enter the complete eSoP certificate number with alphabets and spaces, you will get the error “Please enter a valid number”.

Solution: Kindly remove all the alphabets and spaces from the eSoP certificate number and enter only numbers. For example, if the certificate number is “AB 12345678910”, use only “12345678910”.

The error is gone. Now you can continue or submit the data.

If you have any query, you can ask on WhatsApp @9166000456

Thank You

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  1. Nisha says:

    I want to upload e sop certificate on portal how I can upload after completion of HR profile . It only show e sop certificate no. update.

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