Placement Management: How to submit Month wise Salary details of the Candidate on Kaushal Bharat Portal (Create Month Wise Employment Continuity)

After submission of the appointment of the candidate, you have to update monthly salary details of the candidate. You have to upload the salary slip provided by the employer. If employer do not provide salary slip, then you can upload the “SF 7.1D Joint salary certificate issued by the employer and the candidate in organizations where salary slip is not issued”. You also have to upload the Bank Statement of the candidate in which the salary is credited. You can download the SF by click on the below link

This certificate has to be filled with all the details of salary of the candidate and printed on the company letter head with seal and signature of the company authorized person.

After collect all the documents, here is the process to submit month wise salary of the candidate

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Bharat Portal. Go to Placement Management and click on Create Month Wise Employment Continuity.

Step 2: Select Scheme Name, State, Sanction Order No., Training Center State, Training Center District, Training Center Name and click on Search.

Step 3: Find the Batch and click on Edit.

Step 4: Find the Candidate and click on the “+” Sign.

Step 5: A pop-up will appears. You have to select the month and enter all the details of the salary of that month.

Step 6: Select Month, Enter Employed Days, Paid Days, ESIC and EPF Number. Enter Basic pay for that month, total allowances and other pay. All the details should be match with the salary slip.

Step 7: Enter deductions like EPF, ESIC, Advance Salary if any and other deductions. The net salary will be calculated automatically and this should be match with the net salary mentioned in the salary slip.

Step 8: Enter Employer’s contribution in EPF, ESIC and other. Also enter Perquisites if any.

Step 9: Enter overtime and incentives, if any, account number of the Candidate in which the salary is credited, select the document type, upload the Salary Slip or SF 7.1D, Upload Bank Statement and click on Submit.

Step 10: The salary detail is submitted successfully. You can see the details by click on the view button.

Step 11: Follow same steps to submit the salary details of the other months.

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