How to update Welcome Kit Distribution Record on Kaushal Bharat Portal

When the training is started for a batch, you have to distribute a welcome kit to the students. In Welcome Kit there is Uniform, Bag, Cap, Learning Materials like Books, Pen etc, List of Entitlement, Important Contacts, Training Plan, Trade Information, Do’s and Dont’s.

When you are distributing the Welcome Kit, you have to take signature of candidate on the SF “SF 5.1K1 Checklist of Items given to the Candidates”. You have to upload a copy of this SF. You can download the SF by click on the link below

SF 5.1K1 Checklist of Items given to the Candidates

Once you distributed the Welcome Kit to the candidates and taken signature of the candidates on SF, you have to update this detail on the Kaushal Bharat portal.

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Bharat Portal. Go to Training Management and click on Welcome Kit Distribution.

Step 2: Select Scheme Name, State, Sanction Order No, State (TC), District and Training Center and then click on Search.

Step 3: Click on the Eye symbol at Action Tab for the batch which Welcome Kit Distribution record you have to update.

Step 4: Click on Distribute Kit.

Step 5: Select the candidate from the list and select Yes or No for the items given to the candidate. You have to update data for all the candidates to whom you distributed the Welcome Kit.

Step 6: Click on Choose File and upload the scanned copy of SF 5.1K1 signed by the candidates and click on Submit.

The Welcome Kit Distribution Record has been successfully updated.

If You have any query, you can ask in the comment section.

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