How to update DFR Daily Failure Items Report on Kaushal Bharat

If any of the equipment or item failed in your training center, you have to update the details of that item on Kaushal Bharat portal. There is an SF of Daily Failure Item Reports, you can download the SF from below link

You also have to make a summary report of items failed in every 15 days. You can download the SF of that summary from below link

Now let’s discuss the process of updating Daily Failure Items Report on Kaushal Bharat

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Bharat Portal. Go to Center Management and click on Update Daily Failure Items.

Step 2: Select Scheme Name, State and Sanction Order Number and click on Search.

Step 3: Find the training center and click on Edit button on Action Tab.

Step 4: Click on Add Daily Failure.

Step 5: Select the Date of Failure and Room Type.

Step 6: Select Room Number and Description of the Item which failed.

Step 7: Kaushal Bharat will automatically show you the number of item available in that room. You have to enter the number of items failed from available items. Then you have to select the status of the item. If the item is failed, select “Failure”.

Note: Kindly note that when the item will be repaired, you have to submit that item again in DFR with Status “Repaired” and in date you have to select the date of repaired. If the item will not be use any more, and you are removing the item from the training center, select “Condemned”.

Step 8: Type the reason of Failure or Condemned in Remark and click on Add.

Step 9: The item is successfully added to the list of failure. Add the item again with status “Repaired” when the item is repaired.

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