How to Submit OJT(On Job Training) Confirmation on Kaushal Bharat

After joining the OJT, you have to collect the OJT Confirmation Letter from the Employer and submit it to Kaushal Bharat. There is a format or SF of OJT Confirmation Letter in SOP, you can send it to the employer and employer has to print that format on his Letterhead, Seal and Singed it, and then you can use it to upload on Kaushal Bharat. You can download the OJT Confirmation SF from the below link

This is the sample of OJT Confirmation Letter

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Bharat. Go to OJT Management and click on OJT Confirmation.

Step 2: Select Scheme Name, State, Sanction Order No., State(TC), District(TC) and Training Center Name.

Step 3: Click on Search.

Step 4: Find your Batch and click on view button.

Step 5: Click on Create OJT Confirmation.

Step 6: Here you have to select a Candidate’s name from the list and enter details of the OJT.

Step 7: Select a Candidate from the list.

Step 8: You will get the Candidate’s details.

Step 9: Now select the Employer Name, Workplace, OJT Confirmation Date, Candidate Designation, Stipend to be paid (in rupees), Date of acceptance of OJT by Candidate. Upload the OJT Letter (SF 4.6B) and click on Submit. If the Employer is not there in the list, you have to Register Employer and Their Workplace. Click on the link below to know how to Register the Employer and Workplace.

  1. How to Register Employer on Kaushal Bharat
  2. How to Register Employer’s Workplace on Kaushal Bharat

Step 10: The details are submitted successfully. You can edit the details by click on the edit button available at Action tab of the candidate.

Step11: By the same process, you have to submit details of every candidate one by one.


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