How to Register Candidates on Kaushal Panjee Portal

In DDUGKY, it is necessary to register candidates on Kaushal Panjee before register them to Kaushal Pragati or Kaushal Bharat. You can not register candidates on Kaushal Pragati or Kaushal Bharat if you have not registered them to Kaushal Panjee. So today I will show you how you can register candidates on Kaushal Panjee.

Step 1: Go to

Here you can see a menu on the left side showing “Are you looking for skill training?”

In this menu you can see the login option at the bottom of the menu, click on Login.

Step 2: In the login page you have an option for “–Select UserType–“, If you are a PIA then select “MoRD/SRLM/PIA/RSETI”.

Step 3: Now Fill the Username and Password. Kaushal Panjee username and password is the same as the Username and Password you are using to log in to Kaushal Pragati Portal. If you don’t have username and password then kindly contact your respective state skill department MIS Head.

Once you fill all the login detail and CAPTCHA, click on Sign In.

Step 4: Once you successfully logged in to the Kaushal Panjee portal you can see a menu on the left side of the page. In this menu you can see an option of “Candidate Management”, click on that. Now you can see the option of “Candidate Registration”, click on that.

Step 5: Now you have opened candidate registration form. If you are registering a new or fresh candidate click on checkbox of Fresh/New Registration and then click on Next.

Step 6: First you have to search the candidate if he/she already registered or not. For that fill all the required information about the candidate like his/her state, district, sub-district and village. Now in the search box type the name of the candidate, if he is already registered, and you found him/her in the list then click on the name and go on.

If you didn’t found the name of the candidate then click on the checkbox of Yes near “Unable to find yourself in SECC Drop-down?”. Now fill all the required information of the candidate and click on “Save and Proceed”.

Step 7: After submit you will get a Pop-Up with a temporary ID. Note down this ID so that if you accidentally close the window of form without final submission of form, you don’t need to fill the form from the start. You this happens to you then just click on the checkbox of “Incomplete Registration Form” at the first page of Candidate Registration Form instead of “Fresh/New Registration”.

Step 8: Now in this page you have to fill the Address information of the candidate. If the permanent address and present address are same then check “Yes” for the “Is present address same as permanent address?”. If not then fill both the address information and then click on “Save and Proceed”.

Step 9: In the next page you have to fill the candidate’s personal information.

Fill all the required information, check all required detail, upload the document and then click on “Save and Proceed”. If you have any issue regarding any option available in the form then you can ask in the comment section.

Step 10: In this page you have to choose the specific trade if the candidate is interested in any specific trade. If the candidate is free to choose any trade then click on “No” for “Are you interested in any particular sector/trade”.

After fill the Sector and Trade detail click on Save and Proceed.

Step 11: If all the information provided by you are correct then click on Done in the next page.

It’s Done…

Now you will get the final copy of the filled registration form.

Step 12: Here you will find the Application ID or Kaushal Panjee ID. Note down the ID because this ID is required to register candidate in Kaushal Pragati and Kaushal Bharat both Portals.


If you face any issue in registering the candidate in the Kaushal Panjee Portal then you can ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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