How to Create Users in Kaushal Bharat

In Kaushal Bharat you have to create users for deferent operations. 4 main users are required for any work in kaushal bharat portal. First Finance Team user, Second Operations Team user and Third Q-Team user.

Admin: This user is used to manage all mager operations like MoU, Sanction Order, PPWS, PCO, PERA management. Also from here you can create other financial, operations and Q-Team users.

Finance Team User: This user is used to manage financial operations.

Operation Team User: This user does most of works like Batch Management, Candidate Management, Placement and Attendance Management etc.

Q-Team User: This user is used to approve the operations done by operations team.

Note: Before creating user, you must have to create HR Profile for the person. If you dont know hot to create HR profile click on below link

How to Create HR Profile in Kaushal Bharat

Now lets see how can you create users.

Step 1: Login to Kaushal Bharat portal with admin user id and password.

Step 2: Click on Access Management and then Create User.

Here you can see all the registered users.

Step 3: To create new user click on Create User.

It will open a form.

Step 4: Choose Type of Profile

  1. Operations: For CEO, Center Head, Project Head, MIS Head, MIS Executive, Placement Head.
  2. Finance: For Finance Head and Finance Member.
  3. QTeam: For QTeam Head and QTeam Member.

Step 5: Choose the name from the list, Fill UserID and Department. System will automatically fatch the other informations.

Fill all the details and click on submit.


If you want to update the details of a user you can click on edit option available on the right side of the user in the list.

If you have any query related to the user creation write in the comment senction.

Thank You

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