How to create Mobilisation Plan on Kaushal Bharat

In DDUGKY you have to create a weekly mobilisation plan and submit to SRLM. Also in Kaushal Bharat Portal you have to create a mobilisation plan every week and submit it to the SRLM. So let’s start and know how you can create a mobilisation plan.

Step 1: Login to Kaushal Bharat portal. Go to Project Initiation and click on Create Mobilisation Plan.

Step 2: Here you can see the submitted or approved mobilisation plan. Now click on Create Mobilisation Plan to create new mobilisation plan. Whatever mobilisation plan you will create, it will be added to the previous approved mobilisation plan.

Step 3: Now select the name of Scheme, State, Section Order No. and then the name of the District and Taluk in which the mobiliser will mobilise the candidate in current week.

Now you have to check all the Gram Panchayats in which the mobiliser will mobilise the candidates in the week and also the date of mobilisation (Start Date and End Date). If you have any remark, then write in the Remark box.

Step 4: Once you check and fill all details, click on ADD button.

Step 5: You have you add all the district wise taluka and the Gram Panchayats in which the mobiliser will mobilise the candidates in the current week.

Step 6: Once you created the mobilisation plan, click on the Submit button. The Mobilisation plan will be sent to the SRLM directly. SRLM will approve the mobilisation plan.

If you have any queries ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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