How to check Validity/Expiry of the Trade/QP/Domain

Recently, many trades are discontinued or expired, and due to this issue lots of PIAs are facing problem in creating batch. If you are also facing the same issue and want to check the validity of your trade, here is the process.

Note: Kindly remember that some Trades/QPs are not expired, but their version is expired and a new version of the Trade/QP is working. So in this post, you will get to know if the version of the trade is updated or not.

Step 1: Open Kaushal Bharat Portal without login. If you are already logged in, log out. In the News & Updates section, you will find Trade Detail Search, click on it.

Step 2: Here you have to select the option from Trade Code and Trade Name. If you want to search the Trade by Trade Code, select Trade Code.

Step 3: In the below box, type the Code of your Trade and click on Submit.

Step 4: Here you will get the details of your trade, in which you will get to know the versions of the trade and which version is currently working and which version is expired. For example, you can see in the below picture that the older version of RAS/Q0104 Retail Sales Associate was expired on March 22 and May 22 and the updated version 2.0 in now working and valid from 25-11-2021 to 25-11-2024.

Step 5: If you want to check the trade by name, select Trade Name from the dropdown, enter Trade Name and click on Submit.

In some case, the trade duration, qualification of candidates also updated in updated version of trade. For example, you can see in the above picture that the trade hours of previous version of Consignment Booking Assistant was 270 Hours but in the updated version it is 300 hours.

So basically if your trade is expired or the version of trade is updated, in the both case, you need to update your sanction order with updated trade or version.

Thank You.

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