How to change the Designation of any Staff of DDUGKY on Kaushal Bharat (User Designation Update)

If any of your staff is promoted or transferred to another department of DDU GKY and you want to change the designation of that staff, here is the process.

Step 1: Log in to Kaushal Bharat with Admin User ID and Password, Go to Access Management and click on HR Profile Registration.

Step 2: Click on User Designation Update.

Step 3: Select the profile type of the user, which designation you want to change.

Step 4: Select the Name of the user.

Step 5: Now to will get the current designation of the user/staff. Now select the New Profile Type of the user. If the profile type is same as previous, select the current profile type.

Step 6: Now select the new designation of the user.

Step 7: Click on Submit.

The designation is updated successfully. You will get a message, “User Designation Updated Successfully”.

If you have any query, you can ask on WhatsApp @9166000456.

Thank You.

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