Solved: Unable to select Dropout Date in Manual Dropout Option on Kaushal Bharat

If you want to manually dropout any candidate from the batch on Kaushal Bharat, but you are unable to select the date of dropout, here is the solution.

Foremost, you have to understand the meaning of the word “Dropout”. So what is the meaning of Dropout?

So dropout candidate is the candidate who joined the training, attended the class for some days and then left from the batch for some reason.

If the candidate take the admission in DDUGKY training, but did not attend a single class. You remove that candidate from the batch, then that candidate will be called delisted or de-enrolled, not dropout.

Reason: So if you want to drop any candidate from the batch, the candidate must have attended the class for at least one day. You have not submitted the attendance of that candidate. That is the reason you are unable to drop the candidate.

Solution: If you want to manually drop any candidate from the batch, you have to submit the attendance of that candidate for at least one day on Kaushal Bharat.

What is the best way to do that?

Mark present of that candidate in attendance on the first day of training.

Select the date of dropout, just after the date of attendance. You will be able to select the date of dropout now.

That’s the solution.

Try this, and your problem will solve.

If you have any query. You can ask on WhatsApp @9166000456

Thank You.

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