Solved: Domain Hours Mismatch in Sanction Order on Kaushal Bharat?

Do the domain hours of your trade in sanction order on Kaushal Bharat in incorrect? Here is the reason.

Kaushal Bharat Core Domain Hours Mismatch or Incorrect

As you can see in the above picture that, there is a main trade LSC/Q1120 which has 270Hrs and an ancillary trade LSC/Q3027 which has 240Hrs. If I calculate the total hours of both trade, it will be 510Hrs. But in the Core domain hours, it is showing only 310Hrs. If you want to check the hours of any trade, follow the link below

How to check Domain Hours and Validity of any Trade on Kaushal Bharat Portal

So what is the reason behind this? Let’s discuss.

So basically the core domain hours and the total domain hours are two different things. Total hours are including OJT Hours and the core domain hours are excluding domain hours.

OJT is also the part of training, so if you don’t have the option of OJT in your training, this mismatch will not come to your sanction order. But if you have the OJT option in your training, this issue will be there in your sanction order. Because the OJT hours are the part of domain hours.

So, Core Domain Hours = Total Domain Hours – OJT Hours.

For example, if the total domain hours are 510Hrs, then the Core Domain Hours will be

510 (Total Hours) – 200(OJT Hours) = 310 Hours.

Note: Kindly note that the Non Domain hours are not including in the core domain nor in the OJT hours.

That is the reason your core domain hours are mismatching in the sanction order on Kaushal Bharat.

So, don’t worry. This is not an error. The calculation of the trade is absolutely correct on your sanction order.

If you have any other query or issue related to Kaushal Bharat portal, you can ask in the comment section, or you can message on WhatsApp @9166000456.

Thank You.

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