Solved: Batch ID not visible in Q-Team Inspection

At the time of doing Q-Team Inspection, Batch ID is not showing in the dropdown of Ongoing Batches or Completed Batches? Here is the solution and the reason.

In Q-Team Visit or SRLM visit or MoRD Visit, if the Batch ID is not showing in the dropdown list of batches, that means you have already covered the batch in the previous inspection.

If the batch is ongoing, it will be visible only one time in the Ongoing Batches list. Next time it will be visible in Completed Batch List if the batch is completed. If the inspection of the batch is completed in both Ongoing and Completed batch, the batch will not visible again in the Inspection.

The batch can be inspected one time in Ongoing Batch and one time in Completed Batch.

If the inspection of the batch is not completed in the previous inspection and still you are not getting the batch in the list, you can generate the ticket on the Kaushal Bharat Helpdesk Portal.

Thank You.

If you have any other query, you can ask @9166000456

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